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So this is the story of my current depression. It will be a day to day account. Why am I depressed? Well yeah it's about a boy. My boyfriend of 1 year and 4 months broke up with me. He said he wasn't happy, he needed to live his life, and be free. So I'm here heartbroken and crying my eyes out. This my story.

Welp this is awkward. But I’ve graduated high school, headed to college, and with the love of my life, Zack. Life works out in a funny way. Happiness can truly come from some of the darkest places. I’ve learned that no matter what happens, true love does find a way. (As cheesy as that sounds)

Okay guys let’s get something straight. I’m okay now. I’m with this amazing guy named Taylor. Zack has changed schools & he’s actually doing a lot worse than I am. I don’t really talk to him anymore, but I don’t hate him. I’ve actually tried to help me with his recent sadness. But this blog was basically just a diary for my feelings at the time. And it can be used for others to see how I progressed from basically suicidal to true happiness. I hope that others can learn to realize that things really do get better. Feel free to follow my other blog ashleybranmuffin if you want to see how I’m doing. 

ohnocaitydear said: He broke up with you because he wasn't happy. Obviously it was because he wasn't happy being with you, sorry for being so blunt about it. But seriously, get over it. You are not "depressed" and "heartbroken;" you're like what, 16? stop, please. "I'll keep you in my prayers, sweetheart :P"

Yeah I know. I’m actually okay now. but thanks :)


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Why is it that once I’m actually happy, Zack wants to suddenly come back into my life?

Well it’s over now. I packed everything he ever gave me in a bag and put it in my closet. It’s time to move on and be happy. 

mylifeasass said: You say you're 16 almost 17? So that means you guys started dated when you were around 15? I understand you "loved" him, but you're a teenager. We still have a lot of learning to do. We all think we know what love is. We're all obsessed with finding that special someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Obviously, If he hasn't said anything to you and it's been months, he's not hurting as much as you are. I know it's easier said then done, but I think you should try moving on.

Thanks so much :) And yes I understand that. That’s why I have started moving on. I’m okay now. 

Anonymous said: May I ask how old you are?

16 going on 17 <3

Anonymous said: A year and 4 months is a long time, but damn making a blog about it? Thats ratchet as fuck, move on. He obiv doesnt want you cause your crazy.

Awwww man thanks for the concern dude. And btw I’m pretty sure you’re crazy for sending stupid anon hate. I’ll keep you in my prayers sweetheart :P